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Our Difference

Independent, Conflict-Free Financial Advice and Expertise

Trust is essential in the client and financial advisor relationship. But with so many firms offering financial products and advice, the question becomes who do you trust? Not all advisors are independent or work in your best interest because they are compensated by those whose financial products their clients buy. This makes it difficult for them to provide objective advice that puts your interests first.

What sets Howell Financial Advisors, Inc. apart is our objectivity as an independent registered advisor, our experience and our commitment to our clients. We offer the following benefits:

  • Conflict–Free, financial advice
    • As a fee-only advisor, we are never compensated for recommending a particular investment product or offering. Our financial advice is objective and impartial.

  • Commitment to our clients
    • As a registered investment advisor, we have a fiduciary responsibility to put our client’s interest first. We have no hidden fees or conflicts of interest.

  • Highly personalized planning
    • We emphasize the development of personal financial and investment plans based upon the unique needs of each client.
    • In addition to frequent phone and email contact, we visit each ongoing client at least annually to review financial issues and their investment portfolio.

  • Comprehensive approach
    • We provide ongoing services covering both financial planning and investment management areas.

  • Efficient use of time and money
    • With over 25 years of experience, we help clients avoid costly mistakes which saves them time and money. And our on-going plan monitoring also saves clients time and worry over the burden of managing their investment portfolio.

  • Collaboration with other advisors
    • We are a team player and can help coordinate your financial matters with other advisors including attorneys and accountants.


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